Since 2007, Education in Need has been teaching English lessons to students at la Concha Viuda public school in San Salvador. EIN teachers identified a couple of high potential students from each grade, the ones with the best grades, with strong desire reflected by their impeccable attendance and participation and invited them to apply to the program. Since Concha Viuda only offers classes up until 9th grade, our students have to take different paths in order to pursue their ambitions.

In some cases, EIN continue with the support to these students in their mastering of the English Language through scholarships at the European Academy, one of the top English schools in El Salvador. In spite of day-to-day obstacles, all these students continue to shine and finished the European Academy’s program in 2008 and 2009. In other cases, students already fluent in English, went on to continue their studies at their new school with the assurance of a brighter future ahead.

Whatever path our students took, we pride ourselves in recognizing the positive impact EIN had in each of their lives, both professional and personal.

These students started classes in March 2013, and since then have been receiving private English lessons from Speak four hours every week. They are currently studying 10th grade and will graduate from high school in a year. From this group Fernando is receiving a special scholarship to attend a private high school.

Our youngest students! These 22 students started classes in March 2015, they will received private English lessons from Speak 4 hours every week for at least 3 years.

We promote our organization through educational institutions and partnerships with bilingual schools that wish to support our children in order to help them accomplish their aspirations.

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