Due to El Salvador's economic growth, trade agreements and globalization levels in general, many international companies will only hire bilingual (English/Spanish) citizens. Therefore, speaking English is an extremely important skill, needed for better paying jobs, even though it is not adequately taught in public schools. In order to teach the English language, EIN has partnered up with Speak (One of the top English Schools in El Salvador), who then shares its world-class syllabus to our students in weekly 4-hour sessions. The skills needed to graduate from each level are as follows:

According to the Mission and Vision of Education in Need, the long-term objectives are divided into two main sections:

Education in Need objective is to have a long term impact in the lives of our students, the only way to achieve this is to commit long term with them. We have established a 5 year that will take 7th grade students to the university and/or hired at a call center: