What we do makes a difference for those who are not privileged to receive an adequate education. Education in El Salvador is not well-enforced. Many children are gifted and have ambitious dreams. However, many never get the chance to realize their potential as the vast majority only receive a sub-standard education in public schools, or cannot complete their schooling and must work to survive. So our long-term goa is that our students can aspire to a college education in the future or a more rewarding job market.

Provide motivated and driven Salvadorian
students from El Salvador with better
education and tools so that they can reach
better opportunities in life.

Positively impact the lives of children
and teenagers in El Salvador through
education and values .

Love to Work
Love of Knowledge
Love the service

The EIN board is composed by a group of volunteers from Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios. The members of the board are in charge of coordinating day to day activities as well as managing the long term focus of the project. Our monthly activities include:

• Raising money in order to sponsor private English classes with Speak institute for the selected students during weekdays.
• Tutoring English to this selected group of students at Escuela Concha Viuda on Saturdays.
• Coordinating & planning the activities needed to keep the program running.
• Mentoring our students to aspire better life.
• Overseeing & managing the interaction between all players (Speak, students, school , volunteers & sponsors).